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Have been searching for a great timeshare Florida Timeshares are great places to go when you are ready to get away. Florida is one of the top destinations. A Timeshare is a property that multiple people or parties have rights to. With a timeshare you get to have a vacation home without the high price.

The most common from of timeshare is the condo. You can also find houseboats and hotel rooms. Timeshares began in the 1960`s. A ski resort developer decided to sell rooms at the hotel as opposed to renting rooms in his hotel. The concept quickly caught on. The first hotel to offer the timeshare was SuperDevoluy. The first American timeshare was on Kauai in 1969. At this time you could lease weeks at the timeshare. In the 1970`s timeshare companies started to offer "deeded ownership".

In 1974 RCI started. RCI is one of the leading timeshare companies. Timeshares give people more freedom in their vacation choices. They also allow for lower income families to enjoy a great vacation.

Florida has been a pioneer in Timeshares since the 1970`s. It helped timeshares really take off in America. Florida remains a top timeshare destination. Whether you want to buy or sell timeshares, you can do this just about anywhere! Try a Florida Vacation in Cocoa Beach.

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